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SKYHAWK INFORMATION STRATEGIES provides expert information resource management for your company's success.  This includes strategic, business and project plans, and Skyhawk can provide project management capabilities.  As well, SKYHAWK can provide the on-site support you may need to get your plan written and implemented.  More specifically, we can:

     Provide program and project management expertise
     Provide professional enterprise information resource planning
     Provide professional information lifecycle management
     Perform research and acquire necessary background
     Provide an analysis of alternatives
     Develop recommendations and courses of action
     Formalize documents and deliver presentations
     Prepare 500-Day Plans
     Develop Telecommuting Strategies
     Construct training plans including long-range, semester, and daily lesson plans and examinations
     Interpret, implement, and develop policy and guidance
SKYHAWK consulting expertise supports enterprise decision-makers who can focus on obtaining the best return on investment.  We can write white papers and positions papers, develop and deliver presentations to support the organization.  As a project, temporary or long-term adjunct resource, SKYHAWK can free full-time staff to concentrate of their assigned priorities duties.

In short, SKYHAWK provides the resources to help decision makers make more effective decisions. Contact SKYHAWK for more information on capabilities.